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Student Amenities of the College ...


Endowment Prizes ...

Endowment Prizes are awarded to the meritorious students on the basis of their performance in the Calcutta University Examinations. 

Students obtaining highest marks in Bengali and English Honours are awarded Arnab Biswas Smriti Puraskar and Mahendralal Maity Smriti Puraskar respectively. 

Another endowment entitled Surojit Koner Smriti Puraskar honours apart from the topper of the college, students obtaining highest marks in all the eight Honours subjects and highest scorers in the General Courses of Science, Arts and Commerce streams of the college separately. 

A recently introduced Endowment Prize is Haradhan Ghosh Smriti Puraskar being awarded to the best sportsperson at the Annual Sports in boys and girls events separately.

Free Studentships ...

The college provides Full-free and Half-free studentship to its meritorious bona fide students.  Concessions are granted to a maximum of 10% of the roll-strength considering merit, attendance in classes and financial condition of the student. 

Satisfactory progress in studies and good conduct are the preconditions for the continuance of those concessions.  

Students’ Welfare Fund ...

A newly created fund has been introduced to support the financially disadvantaged students.  It finances the needy students after successful completion of study and become eligible for University Examinations.  The monetary liability of form fill-up of the University Examination for the poorest of the poor is borne utilizing this fund.

Railway Concessions ...

The college permits the students to enjoy Railway Concessions from Belur and Bally Ghat Railway Station to the place of residence.  The Railway authorities as per their rules and regulations issue these concessions on the basis of recommendations made by the college authorities. 

During recess and vacations, only home-going concessions are permitted.    

Cheap Store, Canteen & Students’ Health Home...

The college assists the Students’ Union running a cheap store facilitating students with textbooks and stationary items at cheaper rates. 

The college has also a canteen providing refreshments to the students at lower costs.

The college is associated with the Students’ Health Home and the students can make avail of medical treatment with minimum expenses.



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