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Present Management of the College ...

The management of...

the college, under the present set up is vested in the Teacher-in-charge who in consultation with and under guidance of the Governing Body administer the institution.  The present supportive and progressive Governing Body is formed as per provisions of Chapter VII of the Calcutta University First Statutes, 1979, and its subsequent amendments.  As an apex body, it regulates all endeavours of the college.  Its meetings are held on regular basis and it encourages principles of professional management, as the Statute has made this body responsible for proper management of affairs of the college.  At present, a leading group of academics nominated by the State Government and the University, eminent personalities of the locality and representatives from the teachers, the students and the non-teaching staff have shaped this thirteen-member premier body of the college. 

Members of the Governing Body ...


Sl. No.
1. Sm. Baisali Dalmiya President & State Government Nominee, Lalbaba College
2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Principal & Secretary, Lalbaba College
3.   Representative, Local Body
4.    State Government Nominee
5. Dr. Prasanta Mahata Calcutta University Nominee
6. Prof. Susanta Kumar Biswas Calcutta University Nominee
7. Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh Teachers’ Representative
8. Sm. Jayasree Boler (Mukhohpadhyay) Teachers’ Representative
9. Dr. Gautam Majumdar Teachers’ Representative
10. Sri Gopal Roy Teachers’ Representative
11. Sri Nikhil Krishna Roy Non-teaching Employee’s Representative
12. Sri Amar Dolui Non-teaching Employee’s Representative
13. Sri Abhishek Kumar General Secretary, Students' Union, Students' Representative



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