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in pursuit of knowledge...



developing qualities like teamwork ...



preparing students to work in an information-rich technology-driven world ...


Missions & Goals of the College ...

The college is committed to provide ...

quality education at the undergraduate level to the local students.  Irrespective of caste, class, religious and gender bias, the college provides generous scope for higher education to the local youth. 

The mission of the college is ...

pursuit of knowledge, motivating the students taking part in academic and extra-curricular activities and developing strong personal values.  The college prizes personal touch, a value which the society is fast loosing, and its programmes are addressed to the evolving needs of locality.

The college takes pride in ...

emphasizing a practice where the students gain breath of knowledge and depth of experience which prepares them for a fruitful future and believes that this would provide a meaningful contribution to the community. 

The major consideration that is addressed by its goals and objectives ...

is to prepare the students to work in an information-rich technology-driven world; hence it can be mentioned that it works for the nation as well as the civilization and tries to generate human resource.


Aims and Objectives ...

Providing an environment to foster pursuit of excellence in such that each of the students receives opportunity to reach the maximum scholastic experience.

Motivating students to achieve their full academic potential.

Providing quality education in a disciplined, caring, stimulating, environment.

Developing personal qualities like honesty, integrity, truthfulness and endeavouring to provide students with good moral values by gaining understanding of respect for other cultures and community responsibility towards less privileged.

Developing qualities like leadership, teamwork, responsibilities, self-esteem and self-awareness.

Recognizing and complementing the efforts, achievement and success of the students to increase their self-confidence.

Becoming a leading institution in the locality providing well resourced, highly academic and holistic education to the local youth.


Visions of the College ...

Completion of ambitious six storied building with sufficient amenities at the Second Campus of the College.

Major recasting of the main college building for providing new facilities.

Enhancement of intake capacity with course diversification.

Incorporation of a number of new Honours Courses at the Undergraduate level.

Offering Post-graduate courses covering conventional and emerging disciplines.

Self-financing courses in the emerging areas.

Add-on Evening Specialized Courses: Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma Levels.

More Distance Learning Centres in collaboration with Universities.

A number of Centres & Cells: Women’s Study Centre, Equal Opportunity Centre, Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Career & Councelling Cell.

Formal Remedial Coaching, Coaching for NET/SLET, Coaching for entry in Services.

Upgraded infrastructural facilities associated with teaching-learning.

Conference Rooms, Seminar Halls, Committee Rooms, Cubicles for Individual Full-time faculty with IT facilities, Dedicated Examination Halls & Tutorial Rooms.

Refurbishment of Central Library with separate Journal, Reference, e-library, Book Bank Sections and separate Reading Rooms for students and faculty.

Enhanced facilities for Research & Publication of the faculty members.

Organization of National & International Level Seminars.

Enhanced facilities for differently-abled students, staff and faculty.

Thrust on internal resource generation and exposure of students to business houses.



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